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Green businesses outperform their peers

Small and mid size companies generate 70% of the world's corporate environmental impact, yet only a small fraction of them are working on systematically reducing their emission footprint.

Conventional wisdom says that it is more difficult and expensive to run companies in environmentally conscious manner. The reality is, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Businesses with sustainability at the core of their operations outperform their competitors:
Higher revenue growth
Stronger bottom line
Better employee engagement and retention.

Ecolyze provides you with the platform to turn your business sustainably successful

Our straightforward and effective workflow tool allows all companies to measure their footprint and implement actions which not only help the environment, but also create more successful and resilient business. sustainability dashboard


No business can turn sustainable without knowing what its environmental impact is.

Our proprietary solution allows you to understand how much impact you are having on the environment, without putting undue pressure on your limited resources.  

Start out simple and evolve as you travel the sustainability journey to a greener future.

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Reducing your footprint doesn't have to be difficult.

From small, everyday routine changes to long term strategic developments, Ecolyze allows you to easily manage all the actions you decide to take to lessen your businesses environmental impact.

Better still, Ecolyze shows you what are the positive results of your actions, and helps you to make informed decisions on your way toward a sustainable business.

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Create and manage sustainability actions to reduce your company's environmental footprint
Ecolyze environmental footprint reduction initiatives


It's understandable that you may not be able to reach zero impact instantly.

Whilst you work to enact your projects to reduce and ultimately eliminate your environmental impact, you can already offset some or all of your existing footprint.

We have selected a portfolio of reliable, affordable and highly efficient offsetting initiatives, that will allow you to reduce your impact. 

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Use our knowledge-base to keep up with the latest developments, trends and tricks in the world of sustainability. 

Share your insights with your peers and learn from other entrepreneurs who are also doing their part to ensure a sustainable future for their business and the world.  

We provide you with a one-click sustainability report which you can share your with your customers and partners to showcase your progress and encourage others to join.

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What small business owners are saying...

“Everybody has to run a sustainable business.  There are no if's or but's.  Its the only responsible thing to do.

We are already doing our bit, by reducing single use plastic, recycling food waste, limiting our energy consumption.

However, we currently lack the tools to manage and track our activities and impact.  Ecolyze helps with this and its simple and easy to use.”

“Reducing our enviromental impact was a no brainer.  There is no denying that climate catastrophe is well under-way.

I wanted to make sure that I do not just stand by without trying my best to make changes.  Thats why we use solar energy to cover most of our energy needs; we use electric vehicles for our transport and offset our carbon footprint by financing tree planting in our community.

Ecolyze provides the framework to keep our actions focused and trackable.

“When I look at my children, I know that there is no more time to waste.  I want them to be able to enjoy living on Earth in 30 or 50 years time.

As a start-up owner, I don1t have the time or resources to run a large sustainablilty program and I look for solutions that allow me to reduce and offset my impact, without hurting my bottom-line.”

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